The Jentes Family

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of picking wildflowers and weeds to decorate our table. Both of my grandmothers gardened and knew the best places to find wildflowers in the forest. When all my other grade school friends wanted to be firefighters and astronauts, I knew I wanted to be a florist and a mom. Even my high school counselor tried to convince me that with my grades, I should go to college and do something more than play with flowers. Instead, I went to a little floral design school (Hickson's School of Floral Design) Then I worked in floral shops gaining practice. When my eldest was born, I stayed home, enjoying some time just being mom. When we moved to Missouri in 2017, the time was right to launch our flower farm and design studio. I wanted the kids to cultivate a love of learning, through homeschooling and being in the outdoors. Our flower designs are unique because they are inspired by the nature and the garden that surrounds us. Butterflies, hummingbirds, and sparrows are daily visitors to our garden. We are blessed to be surrounded by beauty and the fun of raising 4 lively kids. 

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222 Bettinger Dr.

Marshfield, Mo 65706